Company can fulfill all range of works in regard to design and installation of ventilation systems. Company works with various sizes of objects, implements ventilation works in cottages, pools, cafe and restaurants, industrial and agricultural enterprises.

Company implements complex works in ventilation, beginning from its design and ending with its installation and service maintenance. Technologies and devices which are applied in installation of ventilation systems are not easy to show due to space limit.

We install ventilation systems in:
Villas and cottages. We regularly install the combined supply and exhaust system in various configurations, for instance with UV lamp filtration and humidification system. Ventilation system with recuperator will save your expenses for heating.

Pools. Without ventilation and/or dehumidification in pools, air becomes very humid, thus you will receive full set of problems, breathing problems, condensation on windows and ceiling, corrosion of civil constructions and deterioration of decoration elements. In order to solve all aforementioned problems we install the package unit which combines ventilation and humidification functions. This device does not only provide the normal humidity, but also eliminates odors. In result, air becomes dry, warm and odorless in the pool.

Commercial property. We install combined supply and exhaust ventilation in restaurants or café in accordance with sanitary norms. Ventilation eliminates all odors in the kitchen of café or restaurants, and make air in offices fresh. Ventilation in production facilities increases labor ability of workers, ventilation in workshops accelerates the technological processes of drying.

When designing the ventilation system for commercial property, we take into account whether the customer is owner or lessee. We can propose budget and efficient ventilation system.