Our Company offers services in following areas:

• Heating
• Water supply
• Sewage
• Drainage

Our expert engineers can provide central heating installation throughout your home, rental accommodation and facilities. You could be benefit from the comfort of hot water and heat, delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner – within a matter of weeks following your initial inquiry.

We can design heating solutions for houses and facilities of all sizes.

Installation of water supply and sewage systems is one of the most demanding areas. Engineers implement the installation of system in accordance with project within shortest period and with high quality.

High quality materials and up-to-date devices are used in installation of water supply and sewage systems.

But in some cases, when project is not provided, installation of heating, sewage and water supply systems may be also implemented by specialists of our company. In that case we make calculations and selection of required equipment for  heating, sewage and water supply systems.

If installation of heating system is required without project, then:

• Engineers visit facilities, make necessary measurements and calculations
• They discuss all key points with customer
• They provide the estimation list