Our Company provides its clients with phone communication, internet, cable TV and radio by using LV systems. We also install fire and security, commercial energy accounting and PC systems. Expertise and extended skills allow us to implement the wide spectra of functions during installation of LV systems.

CCTV installation
CCTV system hereby enables to realize the real time control and surveillance. We install and adjust video surveillance systems with continuous automatic saving of A&V records. Company also install CCTV systems in small, large and as well as distant objects, the key provision is availability of access to Internet.

PC networks
Company hereby suggests the optimal solution of laying out computer and local networks, provides the warranty and supplies high quality of installation works.

Fire alarm
We can propose fire and fire & security systems including fire alarm and leakage protection ones.

Telephone networks
We offer installation of telephone networks both in enterprises and offices. Our specialists observes all required rules and policies to provide the permanent high quality telephone signal and the sustainability of apparatus and devices to bear the high loads during operation. We hereby design the architecture of telephone cable in relation with internal space to select the convenient allocation of ATS and phone sockets among work places.